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Ecological responsibility


1.- Heating and sanitary hot water

Moinho do Marco is working to become a sustainable unit.  In December 2019, has been implemented a new solar and clean-energy heating and domestic hot water system .

Moinho do Marco believes in a more sustainable and ecological world, that's why 100% of the energy we use comes from renewable energy.

punto limpio.bmp

2.- Waste recycling

We also believe in the ecological responsibility of each one and we offer our guests a recycling center for glass, plastics, paper and cardboard, cork stoppers, caps and used cooking oil.


3.- Insulation

To guarantee the comfort of our guests, all the windows already have PVC double glazing 4-12-6. Avoiding heat losses and ensuring both thermal and acoustic insulation.

ventana pvc.jpg

4.- Water

Water is a precious asset and we must use it responsibly. At Moinho do Marco we water the garden with a drip irrigation system.

riego goteo.jpg

5.- Compost

One way to reduce our environmental impact by reducing organic waste is to produce homemade compost.  That is why in 2021 we have installed a compost bin in the garden. Let's learn to take care of our planet through small gestures.

We count on you!.

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